The Business of Changing the World

Does the way we think about charitable giving undermine the causes we love? Are we uninformed and unrealistic in our expectations? What if the way we think about charity is all wrong? THE BUSINESS OF CHANGING THE WORLD takes a hard and heartfelt look at the nonprofit sector, the impact of media on public perception, the archaic and restrictive nonprofit ethos we continue to live by, and the ways in which our misconceptions sabotage our ability to truly make a difference.

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In collaboration with Mattel and the Russo Brothers' production company ROAM, the canvas for our documentary film, “Play!!” will be all-expansive - from the tops of the Himalayas to the coral reefs in the Caribbean; to any city, town or farm on the planet. How does play help kids develop their skills for exploring and shaping the future? We will delve into the history of play, the theory & clinical work around it, the neurobiology of how play affects the brain, as well as the impact of science on toys.

The Bond

THE BOND paints a complex tapestry of the mother’s bond with her developing child, highlighting how the environment around the mother affects pregnancy. Incorporating interviews with experts from Kathleen Gyllenhaal’s award-winning documentary IN UTERO, the film follows four women on their complex journeys to motherhood. Tapping into cultural myths, scientific data, and technological trends, THE BOND demonstrates how a child’s experience begins in utero, and how expectant parents can anticipate and reduce external stressors.


Making Modern Babies

This series follows four couples as they embark on the most emotional and important journey of their lives – carrying a child. We follow them from before conception through birth and see how expectant parents are bombarded with all kinds of external stressors during this crucial period.

But unlike most couples in America - confronted with family baggage and a blizzard of conflicting advice from websites, books and various doctors - our couples will be supported by a team of world-class obstetricians, physicians, psychologists, midwives, and scientists who will set the record straight with the most current data, helping these parents find their way to a stress-free pregnancy.